LifeLong User Modeling Workshop

Author: Till Plumbaum

The 2nd Workshop on Lifelong User Modeling took place in Rome on June, 14th, 2013.

Together with Juday Kay and Bob Kummerfeld (both from the University of Sydney), Frank Hopfgartner and me organized the 2nd Workshop on Lifelong User Modeling, in conjunction with UMAP 2013. The half day workshop started with a […]

Workshops on LifeLong User Modelling and Lifelogging for Pervasive Health

CC IRML co-organizes the 2nd Workshop on LifeLong User Modelling in conjunction with UMAP 2013. The workshop is intended to discuss and present latest research in the field of personal data logging and their application. What opportunities and challenges arise with the fast spreading of sensors in our daily life? How can we handle the […]

The Magic Barrier of Recommender Systems

In this post Alan describes our two most recent papers related to the magic barrier of recommender systems. The magic barrier is a concept introduced by Herlocker et al., the term refers to the point at which the accuracy of an algorithm cannot be improved, e.g. where higher precision accuracy, or lower prediction error, does […]