EPEN – A Personalized Recommendation System for News Articles

Starting at the beginning of 2013, we intiated a new project in the area of recommender systems. The project is called EPEN – Development of a personalized recommendation system for news articles, (German: Entwicklung von Personalisierten Empfehlungssystemen für Nachrichten).


RecSys 2012 Experiences

Author: Benjamin Kille

This blog post summarizes my thoughts about RecSys 2012. It was the first time for me to participate in RecSys. I experienced the conference as venue for both academia and industry leading to manifold discussions and exchange of ideas. The conference offered presentations of a broad variety of topics related to recommender […]

The Magic Barrier of Recommender Systems

In this post Alan describes our two most recent papers related to the magic barrier of recommender systems. The magic barrier is a concept introduced by Herlocker et al., the term refers to the point at which the accuracy of an algorithm cannot be improved, e.g. where higher precision accuracy, or lower prediction error, does […]

Similarity Weighting Schemes for Collaborative Filtering

(Crosspost from Alan)

Recently a paper by Alan and Johannes on the effects of similarity weighting schemes on collaborative filtering recommender systems was presented at the 27th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, more specificall in the Track on Trust, Reputation, Evidence and Collaborative Know-How.

This post provides a short summary of the paper and tries […]


This page is about the International conference on Intelligent user interfaces, IUI2012, which was held at the Sana Lisboa Hotel on February 14–17 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal. The CC IRML representative was Alan.

The main area of the conference was intelligent user interfaces, where user interfaces was very loosely defined (everything from actual interfaces to […]