ACM Conference on Recommender Systems 2017

The 11th edition of the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems will take place in Como, Italy, in the time 27-31 August, 2017. The conference features three keynotes, a panel discussion, eleven paper and three industry sessions, three tutorials, and thirteen workshops. On Tuesday, 29 August 11 a.m., Benjamin Kille will present the article “Recommending Personalised […]

New Book: Smart Information Systems

Author: Till Plumbaum

We proudly announce that the book “Smart Information Systems – Computational Intelligence for Real-Life Applications” is now available via Springer. The book covers almost all current research topics of our research group.

From the Springer page: “The book demonstrates how to transform raw data into effective smart information services, covering the challenges […]

EPEN – A Personalized Recommendation System for News Articles

Starting at the beginning of 2013, we intiated a new project in the area of recommender systems. The project is called EPEN – Development of a personalized recommendation system for news articles, (German: Entwicklung von Personalisierten Empfehlungssystemen für Nachrichten).