NewsImages 2023 – Dataset Released

Author: Andreas Lommatzsch

The relation of news texts and images is an interesting research topic. Since for a significant fraction of news events no photos are available, news editors often use archived photos or stock images. Due to the advances of generative AI methods, images may be generated to get well-fitting images catching the attention of potential readers.

NewsImages is an Evaluation Labs to discuss, test, and evaluate methods for re-matching news texts and images. NewsImages 2023 runs under the umbrella of MediaEval 2023. NewsImages lab provides a dataset tailored for learning and evaluating strategies for reassigning news texts and images.

A detailed description of the NewsImages lab and the dataset are discussed in the lab overview paper.

The NewsImages 2023 workshop will be held in Amsterdam, in February 2024 in conjunction with MMM2024 .

The dataset is available for download. Check out the details on the official web page and join NewsImages 2023!

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