Impressions from the LWDA Conference 2022 in Hildesheim

Author: Andreas Lommatzsch

The LWDA conference (acronym for ”Learning, Knowledge, Data, Analytics”) is a conference organized by the German Computer Science Society. The conference covers recent research in areas such as databases, information systems, knowledge discovery, machine learning, data mining, and knowledge management.

In 2022, the conference has been held at the University of Hildesheim on the campus marienburg castle.

The presentations and poster sessions give a valuable overview on current research projects and results of the mostly German universities. The conference give a good platform for discussing future cooperation and for planning joined activities.

I presented on the conference a system for generating clarification questions in a chatbot tailored for the needs of the Berlin’s administration. The system combines language models, semantic annotations and clustering techniques for generating counter questions for ambiguous user inputs. This enables a virtual chatbot to guide users efficiently to the desired information. The details an be found in our

The following photos give an impression from the conference.

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