Announcing MediaEval NewsImages 2022

Author: Andreas Lommatzsch

The MediaEval NewsImages challenges has received growing interest in the last years. This is the movivation for us to continue the NewsImages challenge also in 2022. NewsImages provides a dataset and forum for researching the relation between texts and images in news. Images in news should attract the users attention, guide the perception of users, and highlight specific aspects of news texts. The specific challenge for news publishers is, that there are often no photos available for breaking news. So, images used in news article may come from a large spectrum of sources, including social media, screenshots from TV, stock photos, recent photos of a relevant person or a location.

NewsImages 2022 runs as a lab under the umbrella of MediaEval 2022. NewsImages provides a dataset tailored for learning and evaluating strategies for reassigning news texts and images. In 2022, the dataset consists of 3 parts: (1) News crawled from an RSS feed focusing on politic, (2) News crawled from Twitter, and (3) a News dataset crawled from a news portal in German.

The NewsImages 2022 workshop will be held in Bergen, Norway in January 2023.
More details about the MediaEval benchmark can be found on the official web page. A detailed description of the methods developed in 2021 can be found the conference proceedings from 2021.

The MediaEval 2022 website.

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