Presenting the Chatbot Bobbi on the “Hoffest” at the Red Townhall in Berlin

Author: Andreas Lommatzsch

The Hoffest (Courtyart Festival) at the Red Townhall in Berlin is traditional festival before the summer vacation. This year, Franziska Giffey, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, welcomed representatives from politics, business, science, diplomacy, culture, media and sports as well as citizens earned merits in the last months.

The DAI-Labor presented the robot Bobbi at the stand of the ITDZ Berlin. Bobbi is a cooperation project with the ITDZ Berlin. In this project we develop and evaluate a chatbot optimized for answering questions related to the services offered by the public administration.
For the Hof-Fest, Bobbi had been trained in the security domain. Based on the new knowledge, Bobbi invited visitors of the Hof-Fest to play a quiz.
The quiz and the presentation of our robot Bobbi has been a great success. Visitors liked to talk with Bobbi and to learn interesting facts from the security domain. The following photos give a visual impression from the event.

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