Announcing the 10th Intl. Workshop on News Recommendation and Analytics

Author: Andreas Lommatzsch

In our continuously changing world, news play a major role. In recent years we observed a rapidly changing news ecosystem leading to new challenges: Workshop on News Recommendation and Analytics (INRA) serves to exchange ideas and discuss recent trends, technological advancements, and open problems concerning news. The workshop provides a forum to discuss recent research, technical and interdisciplinary aspects as well as current trends related to news. Topics of interest include information access systems for news, advances in natural language processing, multi-modality, mis- and disinformation, trust and user experiences, and personalization

We welcome contributions in scientific articles, demonstrations, and ideas. We strive to bring together researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers to address crucial challenges. The 10th edition of the INRA workshop will be held co-located with SIGIR in Madrid, Spain in July 2022.
More details can be found on the INRA webpage:

INRA Workshop, colocated with SIGIR 2022, Madrid, Spain

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