ACM Conference on Recommender Systems 2019 and International Workshop on News Recommendation and Analytics

Author: Benjamin Kille

The ACM International Conference on Recommender Systems was held in Copenhagen from 16th to 20th September 2019. The 13th edition of RecSys features three days of conference talks followed by two days for workshops and tutorials. The program included two keynote speeches. First, Mireille Hildebrandt explored how the EU’s GDPR affects recommender systems. Second, Eszter Hargittai discussed recommender systems from the perspective of social research. The conference emphasized the interdisciplinary character of recommender systems with the keynotes, a variety of contributions, and multiple tutorials and workshops. For instance, the program featured tutorials on multi-stakeholder considerations and fairness along with a workshop on multistakeholder environments. This trend signifies that the recommender systems research community increasingly attracts experts from different disciplines.

In collaboration with partners from NTNU, we organized the seventh edition of the International Workshop on News Recommendation and Analytics. The workshop seeks to present cutting-edge research as well as practical insights from the intersection of news and recommender systems. We had received sixteen submissions, ten of which we could accept given the three-hour time slot. The accepted contributions split evenly into five long and short papers. We awarded each presenter ten minutes for a short paper and eighteen minutes for a long paper. We were very happy to welcome the University of Amsterdam’s Natali Helberger as a keynote speaker. Her talk aligned perfectly with the conference theme. She emphasized the intricate and subtle ways in which recommender systems affect societies.

Subsequent to the keynote, attendees followed along with these talks (speakers put in italics):

  • Public Service Media, Diversity and Algorithmic Recommendation: Tensions between Editorial Principles and Algorithms in European PSM Organizations [Jannick Kirk Sørensen]
  • Semi-supervised sentiment analysis for under-resourced languages with a sentiment lexicon [Peng Liu, Cristina Marco and Jon Atle Gulla]
  • On the Importance of News Content Representation in Hybrid Neural Session-based Recommender Systems [Gabriel De Souza P. Moreira, Dietmar Jannach and Adilson Marques Da Cunha]
  • Defining a Meaningful Baseline for News Recommender Systems [Benjamin Kille and Andreas Lommatzsch]
  • On-the-Fly News Recommendation Using Sequential Patterns [Mozhgan Karimi, Boris Cule and Bart Goethals]
  • Giveme5W1H: A Universal System for Extracting Main Events from News Articles [Felix Hamborg, Corinna Breitinger, and Bela Gipp]
  • Recommendation systems for news articles at the BBC [Maria Panteli, Alessandro Piscopo, Adam Harland, Jonathan Tutcher and Felix Mercer Moss]
  • Trend-responsive user segmentation enabling traceable publishing insights. A case study of a real-world large-scale news recommendation system [Joanna Misztal-Radecka, Dominik Rusiecki, Michał Żmuda and Artur Bujak]
  • Leveraging Emotion Features in News Recommendations [Nastaran Babanejad, Ameeta Agrawal, Heidar Davoudi, Aijun An and Manos Papagelis]

The collection of talks features a balanced mixture of research and insights into practice. Unfortunately, Janu Verma could not attend to present his work on “Enriched Network Embeddings for News Recommendation.”

Besides, the authors had the chance to put up posters aiding the discussions during the break. For everyone who could not attend the workshop, we have included some visual impressions.

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