The Virtual Citizen Services Assistant would like to have a Name.

Author: Andreas Lommatzsch

Chatbots are one of the most exciting techniques supporting users in finding useful information and in solving complex tasks. In contrast to websites and search engines, chatbots provide a ”natural” interaction scheme. Chatbots try to imitate human experts engaging with users in dialogs.
Chatbots combine methods for considering the context and apply learning algorithms to learn continuously from user feedback. Chatbots are often equipped to handle small talk giving the chatbot an individual personality. This leads to human-like behavior.

The complex domain of public administrations raises plentiful user questions. Consequently, the cities Berlin and Hamburg have introduced Chatbots providing answers to all citizens concerning services and the administration.

Unfortunately, the Virtueller Bürger Service Assistent (Virtual Citizen Service Assistant) currently lacks a catchy name. So please help the assistant to get a name. The Senatsverwaltung für Inneres und Sport has initiated a call for name suggestions (due March 31, 2019). Prizes await the three highest ranked suggestions. The best suggestion will receive an annual ticket for the Berliner Bäder Betriebe (worth 495 EUR). More details can be found with the Official Rules.

We are looking forward to your suggestions.

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