KI 2018 in Berlin

Author: Andreas Lommatzsch

The 41th edition of the German AI conference ("KI 2018") has been held in Berlin, September 24-28, 2018. Starting with two days with workshops and tutorials, the main conference ran from Wednesday to Friday. Each day of the main conference started with an interesting keynote. A highlight was the keynote given by Dietmar Jannach on session-based recommendation approaches. Professor Jannach discussed the transition from rating prediction to ranking with implicit feedback. He stressed that recommender systems research has to critically reflect on the desired output rather than marginally improve arbitrary criteria.

CC IRML contributed two-fold the conference:
(1) On Monday, we held a half-day tutorial on stream-based recommendation algorithms. The tutorial discussed how to extend existing recommender algorithms and evaluation to stream-based scenarios. In addition, we explained the NewsREEL challenge, which offers the possibility of evaluating stream-based recommender algorithms both online and offline. About twenty participants attended and engaged in discussions.
(2) On Friday, B. Jain presented his work on "Condorcet’s Jury Theorem for Consensus Clustering." The talk discussed the theoretical justification for the consensus clustering method.

In 2019 the KI conference will be held in Kassel (23-26 Sept 2019); in 2020 the conference will come to Bamberg.

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