NewsREEL Multimedia @ MediaEval Benchmark 2018

Author: Andreas Lommatzsch

The MediaEval Benchmarking is an Initiative for Multimedia Evaluation offering data and challenges in the form of shared tasks. MediaEval focusses on innovative algorithms and methods for exploring and retrieval multi-media data. The provided data typically cover several modalities such as audio-visual (video, audio), textual, and contextual data.

NewsREEL Multimedia (News Recommendation with Image/Text Contents) runs as a new pilot task in 2018. The task is based on the observation that images have a big impact on perception of news. The NewsREEL MultiMedia provides a data collection of news articles, item popularity data, and (compressed) image data. The task consists in predicting the popularity of new items based on the multi-media data. The quality of the predictions is measured with the Precision and the NDCG.

The MediaEval workshop 2018 will be held at EURECOM in Sophia Antipolis, France, in November 2018.

Web page: MediaEval-Benchmark

Web page: MediaEval-Benchmark

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