I4CS conference 2017, Darmstadt, Germany

Author: Andreas Lommatzsch

The 17th edition of the International Conference on Innovative Internet Community Systems (I4CS) was held at T-Systems in Darmstadt 26-28 June 2017. The conference focuses on Internet Community Systems including distributed architectures, Social Networks and open collaboration services as well as on eHealth and intelligent transport solutions.

I presented datasets and methods for the sentiment analysis of German News and Forum texts. My talk discussed the challenges of automatically determining the sentiments of German texts with respect to the specific application scenario. The developed approach and the implemented systems have been discussed in detail.

Many interesting papers were presented at the I4CS conference. I would like to mention the talk "On a Fog Computing Platform Built on ARM Architectures by Docker Container Technology" given by Udo Krieger. The paper discusses the concepts of a fog computing platform extending the principles and services of cloud computing to the edge of a network. The talk gave a good overview on the platform design principles and the implemented software components optimized for ensuring highly-available, efficiently working fog cells. The talk was awarded with the best presentation award.

Additional highlights of the conference were a visit of the QIVICON House, a tour over the Technologie-Zentrum Rhein Main business park, and the sightseeing tour through the city of Darmstadt.

The 18th I4CS conference will be held in Zilina, Slovakia.

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