Big Data Universe 2017 in Budapest

The Big Data Universe 17 in Budapest took place in the Aqvarium Club, an exclusive location in the very middle of the city, located below a glass roof right under a public pool. The conference gathered top influencers of the hungarian big data industry, interested in state of the art products and research directions. A wide range of speakers like Lucas Bernardi (, Dániel Molnár (Door2Door GmbH) Attila Komor (Nextent Informatics Co.) and Mátyás Dobó (Telekom) provided insights into the challenges and solutions of their daily work.

Besides the conference talks, we where able to present our newest meta machine learning prototype, which is a part of the projects under the roof of the new Berlin School of AI, a cooperation between the DAI-Labor and T-Labs . It is the first step towards gathering reproducable performance data of machine learning algorithms in order to compare not just the predictive performance, but also the costs it takes to use them. It enables decisions about efficiency, not just effectivity. In the future we want to go beyond and use the gathered data for model selection and tuning approaches based on meta features.

We where happy to show our work and to get valuable feedback from experts from all over the place. Very special thanks go out to Dr. Tomáš Horváth and his team, who where a great help and showed us around.


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