NewsREEL 2017

Author: Benjamin Kille

We are excited to announce the start of another edition of CLEF NewsREEL. This year’s challenge continues with both tasks:

NewsREEL Live: interact with an operating news recommender systems and real users
NewsREEL Replay: analyze a comprehensive data set to determine the best recommender

Our partners at plista are currently busy revising the Open Recommendation Platform (ORP). The new systems will be more stable and equipped with a new UI for a much better user experience. Until the new systems has been released, we encourage participants to engage in NewsREEL Replay.

We released a new data set of more than 168 million events recorded over the stretch of four weeks. The data set provides a representative picture of what your recommender will encounter in NewsREEL Live. The following charts gives you an impression on what the data looks like.




If you want to join us in the pursuit of news recommender systems evaluation, please register at here and make sure to check the boxes for NewsREEL. You will receive information about how to access the data shortly after successful registration.

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