Supporting Complex Search Tasks @ ECIR 2015, Vienna Austria

Author: Erwin Gunadi

We presented our paper titled “Applied Distributed Information Retrieval in Enterprise Search” at the SCST Workshop  in Vienna, Austria. The workshop was held as part of ECIR 2015 and dedicated to bring together a diverse group of researchers to discuss and exchange ideas about supporting complex search task. In this workshop, there was one keynote by Diane Kelly from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She presented a theory of search task difficulties based on empirical studies that evaluated a set of search tasks that were constructed using a cognitive complexity framework from educational theory. Papers from this workshop can be found CEUR-WS.

Applied Distributed Information Retrieval

Applied Distributed Information Retrieval Poster

Many interesting papers, posters and keynotes were presented in ECIR 2015. The opening keynote was delivered by Marti Hearst. In this keynote she presented various themes in search research, which need further exploration. The second keynote was presented by Ryen White and highlighted the research aspects of Microsoft Research in the area of Online Health Search. The third keynote was delivered by Stefan Thurner. This keynote delivered insights about human social behaviour gained from a massive multiplayer online game.

The workshop and the conference in its whole gave us a good opportunity to learn and discuss with fellow researchers in information retrieval community. The next ECIR conference will be held at 20-23 March 2016 in Padua, Italy.

A Flickr-Photostream prepared by ECIR organizes can be found here.

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