Linking The Quantified Self

Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the International Workshop on Linking The Quantified Self (LinkQS’14), held in conjunction with Hypertext’14 in Santiago de Chile.

Quantified Self (QS), also known as Personal Informatics (PI), is a school of thought that aims to use technology for acquiring and collecting data on different aspects of the daily lives of people. These data can be internal states (such as mood or glucose level in the blood) or indicators of performance (such as the kilometers run). The purpose of collecting these data is self-monitoring, performed in order to gain self-knowledge or some kind of change or improvement (behavioral, psychological, therapeutic, etc.). Although the current spread on the market of these kinds of tools, many issues arise when we consider their usage in the daily lives of common people, such as the meaningfulness and utility of the gathered data for the final users. We can think to address some of these issues looking beyond the Quantified Self for finding new technologies and design techniques that could be applied to this field.

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