Witamy, Radek!

Radek Nielek

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Radek Nielek at CC IRML. Radek is assistant professor at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology (PJWSTK) in Warsaw, Poland. PJWSTK is a research university which has been founded by both the Polish and Japanese government to foster research cooperation between both countries. Besides, Radek is co-founder of Zetema Inc., a technological company which develops tools for automatic sentiment extraction and natural language processing.

His main research interest is on the evaluation of web content credibility, i.e, he studies how people assess web content credibility and which factors are important. His aim is to support the development of better systems for automatic credibility evaluation.

Radek will stay with us for three months during which we intent to identify joint research interests between CC IRML and his home institute. Tomorrow, Radek will provide an overview over his group and his personal research interests.

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