CC IRML at Cebit Bilişim Eurasia

Together with other researchers from DAI Lab and GT-ARC we presented this week some of our research demos to an interested audience at the German Pavillion at CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia. This ICT fair, which took place from 24th till 27th October 2013 in Istanbul, promotes itself as the “number 1 digital business and technology platform of Eurasia”.

DAI Lab’s team

We showcased the following demos:

  • Electronic Circulation Folder: In public administration, the first choice for distributing application forms and internal instructions is via the so-called circulation folder that comes in a variety of different colors. Although this folder-based file circulation system has been widely used, it does not come without its drawbacks. For example, it is difficult to determine the status of a circulation, since one often does not know on whose desk it is. Further, one cannot send one circulation folder to multiple recipients simultaneously (e.g., for a briefing). Once a folder is sent, one also has no more control over it.
    A Demo can be found here.
  • SmartSchool: SmartSchool offers comprehensive support to students, teachers and parents and improves communication and transparency in education. It provides solutions for maximum transfer of knowledge by offering smart indexing and search services while helping to plan and model lessons in more effective ways.
    A Demo can be found here.
  • PIA Enterprise: PIA Enterprise is an enterprise search engine that has the goal to assist employees to fulfill their daily information gathering tasks. PIA provides access to content from multiple sources within the enterprise such as intranet, web, databases, mails and user desktops whilst taking into account privacy and user rights.
    A Demo can be found here.

Interested readers are referred to DAI Lab’s offical press release for further details and some impressions.

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