This page is about the International conference on Intelligent user interfaces, IUI2012,  which was held at the Sana Lisboa Hotel on February 14–17 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal. The CC IRML representative was Alan.

The main area of the conference was intelligent user interfaces, where user interfaces was very loosely defined (everything from actual interfaces to underlying systems to cognitive processes). The sessions were on:

  • Mobile Interfaces and Novel Interaction
  • Learning with Technology
  • Gestures and Large Displays
  • Designing Narratives & Theater
  • Personalization, Search and Usability
  • Social computing and Media
  • Smart Infrastructure

and one additional session with invited papers from published and upcoming issues of the ACM TiiS Journal.

The conference started off with workshops and the doctoral symposium.


Context-awareness in Retrieval and Recommendation

Just like at IUI2011, CC IRML participated by co-organizing the Workshop on Context-awareness in Retrieval and Recommendation
The workshop was the most well visited of all the workshops with a strong presence from the industry (Siements, Sharp, etc.) and some prominent members from the recsys sphere (Gravity R&D, DFKI, etc.).

Main conference

The proceedings of the conference (and the workshops) will be available at the ACM Portal.
The invited TiiS session was especially interesting thanks to a general high paper quality and some interesting papers from the recommender systems field, e.g. Investigating the Persuasion Potential of Recommender Systems from a Quality Perspective: an Empirical Study (which is not published yet, but should show up on the link when it goes online. (temp link)

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