What’s shakin’, bacon? – Berlin #IR #ML Events in November 2014

Author: Till Plumbaum

If you happen to have some spare time in November, and feel the desire filling that time with something interesting and educational, here are some IRML recommendations what to do in November:


Kaggle Berlin + Advanced ML Study Group:Advanced ML Study Group – Deep Learning Programming Exercises #ML

19th November

Berlin Machine Learning Group – #6: recsys with matrix factorization and information extraction from documents #RecSys # ML

25th November

Elastic search user group Berlin: Monthly meetup with Florian Gilcher: What’s adequate full text search? #IR

5th November

Berlin Knime Users: Open Analytics – A Game Changer! #ML

27th November

Algorithms & Data Challenges Berlin:Data meets nice people V #ML

Big Data, Berlin v3.0 #BigData

A bit off-topic, but still recommendable, the Sustainability Drinks Berlin:Sustainability Drinks – Music Special on November, 7th. And not finally cut and dried, but there probably is also a Recommender Stammtisch in November.

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